Feeling overwhelmed with school, work, and life? We’ve got your back (and your bagels).

Join us for Shabbat dinners bi-weekly (with some exceptions for holidays) at the Living and Learning Residence Hall 6 dorm, typically from 6:30PM to 9PM. We’re set up in the Co-Lab. Students, staff, and community members are all welcome! Please RSVP in advance by emailing hello@gallaudethillel.org.

What can you expect from our dinners? We say a blessing over our “wine” (grape juice) and challah, then we mix and mingle with our catering from Moti’s Market. Kosher and vegetarian options are provided. We’re a mix of religious and secular, so don’t worry about fitting in; you’ll find your people among us.

If you need any accommodations (dietary, accessibility, etc) please contact us at hello@gallaudethillel.org!

SHABBAT DINNER DATES, 2019-2020: Sept 13, Oct 11, Nov 1, Nov 15, Dec 6

** While attendance is free for students and staff, we ask that community visitors provide a donation of whatever amount feels fair. We are a non-profit organization and need support to keep giving back to our community! **